43 days after his arrival in India, fighter jets will be a part of the Air Force, a 6-hour ceremony in Ambala will be followed by Sarvadharma Pooja; France’s defense minister will be present

 43 days after his arrival in India, fighter jets will be a part of the Air Force, a 6-hour ceremony in Ambala will be followed by Sarvadharma Pooja; France’s defense minister will be present 

Today’s photo of Rafael at Ambala Airforce Station.
 The first batch of 5 aircraft arrived in India on 29 July under a 36 Rafale deal from France.
 Rafale is the most agile jet of the fourth generation, it can also lead to nuclear attack.
 The 5 modern fighter aircraft purchased from France will be inducted into the Air Force at the Ambala Airforce Station today, 43 days after Rafale arrives in India. During this time worship will be done according to Sarvadharma i.e. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian religion. Then there will be an air-show. The ceremonies will last 6 hours. French Minister of Defense Florence Parle will also attend the program along with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.
 Florence Parle with Rajnath Singh has left Delhi for Ambala.
 Defense Minister to arrive shortly, air-show from 10:30 am
 The Air Force has completed preparations to make the ceremony historic. Rajnath Singh and the French Minister of Defense will land at Ambala Air Force Station in a short while. This will be followed by an air show at 10:30 am. Several aircraft will perform one by one in the air. Dhruv helicopter’s Sarang team will also perform tricks. Earlier in 2016 also Sarang team has done air show in Ambala. The people of Ambala will be seen performing the tricks of the air show from the roofs of the houses.

 Swadeshi Tejas will also perform for the first time in Ambala with Rafael. Tejas aircraft have delta wings like Rafael. Apart from these, Jaguar and Sukhoi-30 will also perform.
 Rafael will join 17 Golden Arrow Squadron
 Rafael Fighter Jet’s formal entry into the 17 Golden Arrow squadron in Ambala will be recorded in the pages of history. After 17 years, a defense minister is attending a major function at Ambala Airforce Station. Earlier in August 2003, George Fernandes, who was the Defense Minister in the NDA government, flew from Ambala to the MiG-21 Bison at the age of 73.
 5 great features of Rafael
 1. Rafael twin engine, Delta-wing, is the fourth generation most agile aircraft with semi-stealth capabilities. This can also lead to a nuclear attack.
 2. It also has modern weapons like 30mm canon with 12. rounds. It can carry 9,500 kg of goods at one time.
 3. In the event of danger, the radar warning receiver, laser warning and missile approach warning system installed in it becomes alert and prevents the radar from jamming. Rafael’s radar system also detects targets within a radius of 100 km.
 4. It has air-to-air missiles like Magic-II, MBDA Mica IR or EM and MBDA Meteor. They can target targets up to 150 km in the air.
 5. There is also the power to hit the ground by air. With the arrival of this fighter jet, India’s strength will also increase in the Indian Ocean.
 Rafale Deals and Delivery in India

 India had signed 36 Rafale jets with France in 2016 for 58 thousand crores rupees. Of these, 30 will be fighter jets and 6 will be training aircraft. Trainer jets will be two-seater and will also have all the features like fighter jets. India received its first batch of 5 Rafale fighter jets in late July. On 27 July, 7 Indian pilots took off from France with Rafael and reached India on 29 July after traveling 7,000 km.
 The photo is from 29 July. On that day, 5 Rafale 2 Sukhoi escorts reached Ambala airbase.
 The photo is from 29 July. On that day, 5 Rafale 2 Sukhoi had reached Ambala airbase in an escort.
 Last year, when Rafael was handed over to India on 8 October on Dussehra, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in France offered coconuts and tied thread and made ‘Om’ on Rafael while performing an arms worship in Hindu customs. His worship was questioned by the opposition.
 17 years ago George Fernandes flew a MiG-21 in Ambala
 In August 2003, George Fernandes, who was the defense minister in the NDA government, flew in a MiG-21 bison at the age of 73. At that time, due to the frequent deaths of pilots in the MiG-21 accidents, the government was beginning to raise questions. These aircraft were known as flying coffins.
 George Fernandes after flying in the MiG-21 in 2003.
 George Fernandes after flying in a MiG-21 in 2003.
 The MiG-21’s Cobra Squadron was then stationed at Ambala. George Fernandes flew with Wing Commander N. Harish, the commanding officer of Cobra Squadron. After a flight of about 25 minutes, he praised the aircraft as a real fighting machine.


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