8 out of 100 serious corona infected patients can save their lives with cheap steroid drugs, know what are its benefits

 8 out of 100 serious corona infected patients can save their lives with cheap steroid drugs, know what are its benefits


After this research WHO also said that steroid drugs can be given to serious patients of coronavirus
 There have been three trials of steroid medicine, in which the risk of death is reduced when giving these medicines to corona victims
 Now more than 90 thousand cases of coronavirus are coming every day. There is no possibility of the vaccine coming in recently. A research in the meantime has given some promising results. Accordingly, the life of seriously ill patients of Kovid-19 can be saved with cheap steroid medicines.
 WHO has also approved this research. The institution said that steroid drugs can be given to serious patients with coronaviruses. These drugs can reduce the number of deaths due to infection by 20 percent. However, it does not need to be given to patients with early symptoms.
 What do the research results say?
 The results of this new research have been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It states that at least eight out of 100 people who are ill with corona can survive the use of steroids. Researchers say the research results are impressive, but the steroid corona virus is not treated at all.
 What does the WHO say?
 According to WHO’s clinical care head Janet Diaz, there have been three trials of steroid medicine. It has been revealed in the trial that the risk of death has reduced due to giving these medicines to the corona victim.
 During the trial, patients were given steroid drugs such as dexamethasone, hydrocortisone, and methylpredisolone. These increase the immunity of the patient and also reduce inflammation in the body. Clinical trials of steroids have taken place in Britain, Brazil, China, France, Spain, and the United States.
 How has the research been done?
 This new study incorporates information on clinical trials of steroid use on corona patients worldwide. The study suggests that two steroids, dexamethasone and hydrocortisone, may prove effective in severe corona patients. 

According to Professor Anthony Gordon of Imperial College, London, “The situation was very discouraging at the beginning of the year. But now in six months we got clear results of a reliable and high quality clinical trial that showed how we got from this deadly disease.” Can deal with. “
 How many people were involved in the research?
 The study was conducted on 1,703 critically ill people from Corona, 40% of whom died after being given common treatment. 30 percent of people died after giving steroids.
 This research was done only on critically ill patients in hospitals. Most of the people infected with these showed minor symptoms.
 What is the work of steroids?
 Usually, steroids work to increase the immunity of the human body and soothe inflammation. They are used in cases of diseases such as arthritis and asthma, as well as in severe infections.
 How do steroid medicines work?

 According to research, steroid drugs are not very effective in the early stages of corona infection, but as the infection progresses, they have a greater effect on immunity. Actually, corona puts the most pressure on the body’s immune system, due to which it can damage the lungs and other organs of the body.
 Professor Martin Lendre at Oxford University says, “When the corona reaches an infected person when it needs oxygen cylinders to save a patient’s life, then you should understand that you can use corticosteroids in this situation Can write prescription. “
 What is steroids?
 Steroids are a type of chemical substance that is produced inside our body. Apart from this, it is also the chemical form of natural chemical substance, which is used for the treatment of a particular disease.
 Also, steroids are used to increase hormones in men, increase fertility, improve metabolism and immunity. It is used in the treatment of pain along with increasing the strength in muscles and bones.
 Steroid Disadvantages?
 Overuse of it can lead to diseases such as cardiac arrest, heart attack, liver problems, tumors, bone loss, loss of body growth, infertility, hair loss, growth in length, depression, etc. However, doctors inject steroids in many cases. 
 Experts also advised to use dexamethasone steroid
 In June this year, there was a trial in Britain over the use of a steroid called.. 


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