The BJP used to focus on the Panna chief in every election, but this time the WhatsApp admin has replaced him, he has also made social media chief in every ward.

 Congress has created more than 1.5 lakh new members under digital membership so far, 10 thousand members are being formed every day

 It is about 11-12 pm. Four or five people have come to the house. Some of them are also familiar. After asking about the situation, he said for tea and water, he said, ‘No, I have come here after drinking from so-and-so.’ After a while he started counting the works of MLA of the area. Then said that MLA wants to join you. Since people were familiar with how we refuse, they said okay.

 He then asked for a voter ID card and mobile number. We also gave. He took out his phone and took a photo of the voter ID and us. Then some messages came on the mobile number, which he recorded on his mobile. Shortly after, a message came on our mobile, ‘You have become a member of such and such party’.

 This story is not about any one house, but of every household in Bihar. The guests may not be coming in the coronary period, but the representatives of Netaji have started coming. Those coming after five years may not even ask, but mobile numbers are definitely asking. Because the season is of election and now it is getting noticed. Due to Corona, the rally is not happening, so more and more people are being added on mobile. Some are adding to WhatsApp group, some in Facebook group and some are making people digital members. Each party is engaged in helping voters in their own way.

 Bihar Bihar is Nitishe Kumar Hai … This song and slogan was played well in the last election. Also know what is the slogan of JDU and Nitish for this time’s election and how they are reaching the people.

 JDU’s election chariot is ready, with posters all around it. There is a picture of Nitish in front, only of Nitish. On which Bihar’s call is again Nitish Kumar, Nitish everyone, as slogans are written. The hightech chariot has two large LED screens, along with a sound system and a generator. The party has given CDs and pen drives to the workers. In which there are speeches of leaders and songs made in Hindi-Bhojpuri.

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