The increasing pressure of Kovid-19 across the world is increasing the political pressure on pharmaceutical companies to get the vaccine market as soon as possible. Especially in the US, where voting for the presidential elections is scheduled on November 3. In such a situation, the drug companies are going to issue a joint statement next week saying that until the vaccine is proven to be safe and effective, it will not be offered for approval.

 Similarly, phase-2 trials of covaxin in India begin on Monday. Trials of Russia’s vaccine SPUTNIK-V have been approved by the medical journal Lancet. That is, the atmosphere of mistrust created in the international fraternity about the Russian vaccine has reduced to some extent. Let’s know what is the update about the vaccine being made in the country and the world …

 American pharmaceutical companies are under political pressure

 In the US, pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna have decided to issue a joint statement next week. In this, she is going to say that until the vaccine becomes safe and effective, she will not apply for government permission.

 According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, this joint statement of companies is currently being finalized. Earlier, efforts were being discussed to bring the vaccine ahead of the presidential elections to be held on November 3.

 Many scientists were also apprehensive about the effective and safe vaccine being released under political pressure. The vaccines of AstraZeneca / Oxford University, Moderna and Pfizer are currently in Phase-3 trials. At the same time, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is currently in Phase-2 trials.


Phase-2 trials of covaxin from Monday

 Hyderabad-based company Bharat Biotech has created the vaccine-covaxin with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Its phase-1 trials are going on in many parts of the country. Its phase-2 trials will start from Monday. Bharat Biotech has received approval from the Central Drug Standards Control Organization for this.

 Bharat Biotech’s vaccine BBV152 i.e. Kovaxin’s Phase-2 trials will be at 380 people. They will be screened for four days after vaccination. The request to start Phase-2 trials was examined by the experts of the Subject Expert Committee (Kovid-19) in a virtual meeting on 3 September. Approval has been given only on this basis.

 Phase-1 trials of Kovaxin began on July 15 at 12 centers across the country. Healthy people have been given two doses of the vaccine at a difference of 14 days. The trials were done on 350 people. It is still going on. Volunteers were screened every two days at Phase-1 trials.

 Phase-3 trials of Chinese vaccine in Pakistan

 There are currently 34 vaccine candidates in clinical trials. Eight Chinese companies are developing it. Even if no one has completed the Phase-3 trials, three of them have also been allowed for limited use.

 Chinese companies Sinopharm, Cansino Biologics and Sinovec Biotech have decided to conduct phase-3 trials in different countries. Sinopharm and Synovac Biotech have signed contracts with new countries for Phase-3 trials.

 The Sinofarm vaccine has selected Pakistan and Serbia for phase-3 trials of the vaccine. The vaccine has already been tested in the UAE, Peru, Argentina, Morocco, Bahrain and Jordan. Phase-3 trials of the Synovac Biotech vaccine are ongoing in Brazil and Indonesia.

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