Do you know what happens to your brain if you don’t have sex for long Time?

 Do you know what happens to your brain if you don’t have sex for long?    

After a certain age, humans need sex. For many, sex becomes a treatment that helps you escape from pain. Sex-free life is the time to increase your self-control and prove that you can be happy without sex.


In fact, the lack of sexual intercourse is very cruel for many people. During this time one experiences a lot of experiences, including self-imitation, anger and your patience. Learn from this post what changes happen in your body when you live a few weeks without sexual pleasure.

You think back to past experience if you haven’t had sex for some time, you will think again and again about what you had last sex with. You will think about that experience and try to refresh the moment. How you kissed, how his/her hand touched your body, and how it pleased you, everything moves in your mind. Like sexual intercourse, it is very emotional lying in the absence of a long time.

Disappointment This is the stage when you start to imagine your imaginative desires when you dream about sex. The imagination about sex will run in your mind for 24 hours, but nothing happens in real life. You feel like you are forgetting what sex is and you start avoiding talks about sex. You start to hate to see couples who are really happy in front of your eyes.

When your disappointment reaches the highest level of opportunities, you start looking for possible options for sex. You create your profile in dating apps and try all the options available. You will start restoring everything as your old loves and contacts.

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