Do you know what husbands want secretly from wives ?

Do you know what husbands want secretly from wives ?

The relationship between husband and wife should be like ‘fish and water’. A film writer said that fish and fisherman should not be like ‘ The bond between the wife and husband is a bond of love As long as love is there, their life is also wonderful.
Two people fall in love with each other and understand in their midst. Their relationship is very comfortable It continues to be happy. Many people know that romance is in the front line..

Any couple wants to do more. However, some men are secretly seeking some things from female partners
What kind of men want from their wives… When some husbands were asked about what they were expecting from their wives, they gave some interesting answers. Let’s know what those features are.
Planning a tour Usually, husbands take their wives out for any weekend or any accommodation. Sometimes new movies, sometimes shopping. At such times, wives move very close to their husbands. But guys planning a tour.. They like things like going to a date with them. As well as the husbands are very fond of surprise saints. How husbands take wives out After taking them out and shopping If the bill is billed by them, the husbands are very happy.
Selfies Wherever you go today Whatever small work does If someone helps If you do any shopping Even if you go to the movie Even if you go to tourist places Enjoying with nature In short, From the morning to wake up It does not count how many selfies are going to be taken until night falls. Because now many smartphones have come in hand. But some husbands say that they like to take selfies with their wife when they are doing something. Usually women like to take photos. But both of them are very happy with the photos.
Beautiful flowers.. To impress the beautiful girls.. Many men give good flowers as gifts to hit the best impression from them. Because most girls love flowers. But men also like flowers well. If their wives give them flowers according to the occasion, they will feel very happy. Some people shared the same thing with us.
If you touch the hair Girls are turning their hair around when they talk to any boys. But doing this seems to be a very small thing for them. But if you do this, many men will be interested in them. Some say that i feel very happy if he touches my hair with her fingers on my head when they are under pressure.
Coming up.. When I go out every day somewhere.. And some husbands say that when my wife comes home from outside, it is very happy. Husbands love the wives who wait for them to come home from office. When they enter the compound of the house, they come for them and take the door He said it would be good.

Praise.. Usually girls are mostly put up by boys. Because they know they like them very much. But some men also say they want to be praised like ladies. But girls say they want to be somewhat more than they want. Especially their partners want to congratulate at least for small things.

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