If you want to have double the pleasure of sex… Try these tips…

 If you want to have double the pleasure of sex… Try these tips…

Many women and men are afraid to reveal what is in their minds about sex. They do not even understand what they want about the original romance..

Mirror Sex.. Have you ever tried it in front of the mirror? But you should try a big mirror. It may seem a bit strange and ugly. After you stop it, you’re more than thinking something miraculous has happened in your body. There is nothing romantic.

Toy Friends.. Most indians feel very uncomfortable talking about toys and vibrators. But these things can really help you improve your sexual prowess and drives. This may seem tricky and strange to you. There is nothing wrong with discussing such things with your partner. You may never know that they can stimulate their interests and your interests. 

If you both want to enjoy your sex life better after you both reach the bedroom You two should be very bold. Especially if you talk about sex, your partner will have some pleasure. This can cause your hormones to be activated.

Role playing trick.. Many couples are due to the routine sex life They say that they are very frustrated. That’s why they want a little newness in sex. Such people can try roll-play. What do you think is there? Some men feel that there is a lot of fun in this. Once you are in your partner’s clothes.. Your clothes are fried with your partner They want to play each other’s role. You become a girl.. He is not only a boy. Who will take the lead If you try that, you will get a good result. If you want, try it.

Kisses in a smooth Even kiss essemwhile you are foreplay. Especially kissing the lips, cheeks, and neck is common in sexual life. But this time you are a little new, i.e. kiss the back of the neck. At the same time, ask your partner to touch your neck with gentle hands. Once you see the feeling of that touch There is no exaggeration to say that your mind does not want to be repeated.

To increase the mood Everyone who has sex should start with foreplay. Because foreplay is one of the best ways to increase your sex life. At this time, you two will have to increase the mood How much help you enjoy the union. But you should never routinely. Try at each position sometimes. This is very easy to do. Because everyone likes some places (ears, neck, shoulders). They will feel wonderful. Doing so will help your partner to participate in the interaction with you.

It is important to find different and creative ways to improve your sexual life. If you both like and start sex in different ways You can achieve the edges of happiness


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