Director Shekhar Kammula, who stole the hearts of Telugu people by making good coffee lantry films with sensual stories and natural scenes. He is launching his latest film titled ‘Love Story’ in Nagachaitanya and Sai Pallavi Combination.

The film is almost complete and the film will be released after the lockdown. However, news of the film has been heard loudly in Film Nagar. There are reports that Chitu is unhappy with the film’s climax. Because we all know about Sai Pallavi acting. But now and again there is news that this is the same problem. Sai Pallavi has dubbed Chaitu in many scenes with her performance.
సాయిపల్లవి నాగ చైతన్యలపై వచ్చిన ఆ వార్తల్లో నిజం లేదట..
A news story  said that it would be nice to re-shoot the scenes. Recently, the members of the film unit responded to the issue and made it clear that this was only a rumor. He said that the output was very good and Sai Pallavi was also competing. Sekhar Kammula After ‘Fida’..
Talking about the hype created for the film, the film was sold on Satellite and Overseas Rights O Range. The film seems to have cost a lot more than Chaitanya’s previous films. The film is being produced by Narayanadas Narang. He is known to have released hundreds of films under the name of Asian Distribution Company.

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