No Remix Songs anymore!

No Remix Songs anymore!

Popular Songs is well received in the audience. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s hit films are now Evergreen and the songs are being used as remixes of mega heroes. The golden hen song was written by Maghadheeran in the film ‘Magadheera’ .. And shubhalekha rasukunna song was also remixed in ‘Nayak’.
ఇక‌పై నో రీమిక్స్ సాంగ్స్‌!

ఆ త‌రువాత ఖైదీ నం.786 చిత్రంలోని `గువ్వా గోరింక‌తో…` పాట‌ని `సుబ్ర‌మ‌ణ్యం ఫ‌ర్ సేల్‌` చిత్రంలో..   `అందం హిందోళం.. పాట‌ని `సుప్రీమ్‌` చిత్రంలో పాట‌ని `ఇంటిలిజెంట్‌` చిత్రంలో 


 Chamak Chamak Cham (Remix) Lyrical | Inttelligent Songs .

సాయిధ‌ర‌మ్‌తేజ్ రీమిక్స్‌గా వాడేశాడు. అయితే ఇక‌పై చిరుకు సంబంధించిన ఏ పాట‌నీ రీమిక్స్ చేయ‌కూడ‌ద‌ని నిర్ణ‌యించుకున్నార‌ట‌.

Mega Family SaiDharamTej New Filim SolobrathukeSoBetter

It was reported that Saidharamtej made the decision after much criticism of remixing these songs. Saidharamtej is currently playing the role of ‘Solo Brathuke So better’. The film crew plans to bring the film to the audience on May 1. But the release date of the film as a corona factor is the talk..

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