Sex tips for men: Do not bother women at that time.

     Sex tips for men: Do not bother women at the time.

It is very difficult to understand women. Many men are still confused about what women want. Some women prefer luxury life along with gold and silk sarees. Some women want a more affordable life than luxury life. Some studies say that men win the world if they know what women want on bed. Scroll down to know what they are. Know the full details.

During sex, men and women have some priorities. Some people like the initial level of sexual acts. Others prefer to have sex quickly or later. According to a study by a romantic toy company in England, sexual pleasure is mostly associated with gender, age and limb. This study has found that only seven out of ten people are emotional during sex. Nine out of ten people reach orgasm. People in the Us, England and Australia have been surveyed for this study. They tried to tell you what romantic happiness is and how to tell it.

1) Women don’t like what 30 per cent of the people said they did not want to get self-conscious during sex. In addition, men fall asleep immediately after the romantic action. And many women say they do not want to have sex in front of them. He said that he did not come to orgasm, nor was it disturbing. These problems have reduced the interest of women towards sex.

If you do not do this, you will be disappointed. Sex life is related to two lives. It is also like playing with one body part. Be flexible in everything. If you do not do this, women will be disappointed. Romance is like snacks served before meals. That’s why it will help you get into sex for a long time only if you take time to make love.

Don’t be unnecessary things.. Don’t mention unnecessary things and things that boring them when you are both in bed alone. Because they do not want to have sex at such times.

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