These 7 types of foods are required to have long erections ?

 These 07 types of foods are required to have long erections ?

Most people end the work in 3-5 minutes. This is a very discouraged teacher. Sex with many hopes, but soon after ejaculation, sexual interest, etc. can not be enjoyed properly. The longer you participate in it, the better it is to satisfy your partner.

Many people struggle to have sex for a long time. This is because sex is low. The couples are not able to enjoy it as much as they are to enjoy sex. Sex is also useful for the man to be happy. If you want to enjoy a romantic life, you need to follow some of the instructions. 

1. Watermelon Before the work, eat ingredients (watermelon) will bring energy to you. The nutrient citruline in watermelon causes blood to flow into the blood vessels. Increases erection capacity. Citruline is an amino acid. Watermelon in Latin is called citruline. The name is given to the nutrient available in plenty. Why not eat it daily before you have sex. Enjoy it with your partner.

2.Avocado avocado is a high calorie-rich fruit. Avocado fruit is rich in vitamin A and E. It also contains antioxidants. Avocado is high in potassium. It also contains folic acid and vitamin B6. All these are useful for increasing sex efficiency in men and women. So avocado should be eaten well.

3.Ginseng it causes sexual desires in women and men. It is available in various forms in the market. Otherwise, some ginseng root pieces are mixed in water and heated, ginseng tea is made. Drinking it will bring you energy that is nowhere in you. It is a powerful drug to increase the number of sperms, to overcome the infertility of men. It is also good to enjoy sex life for a long time.
4.Asparagus it is very good for testosterone production. It should be eaten in a diet. It contains vitamin E. It helps you to have sex for a long time.

5.Dry fruits, nuts, dry fruits, nuts are not healthy It is also good for your sex life. They increase the sperm count in men. Women can also get thrill ed in sex if they eat them. They are very good for participating in a long time bed.

6.Chocolate Dark Chocolate Women enjoy sex full. Dark chocolate improves blood supply. It releases chemicals like cocoa serotonin. Women enjoy sex very much.

7.Vitamins in banana salad syrup act as a tonic for sex. It contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin B. Besides these, related salts and bromellin enzymes are rich. All these increase the sex power of the man. Banana also increases testosterone production in men.

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