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Vijay’s son makes his debut with the mega hero

విజయ్ కొడుకు జాన్సన్ సంజయ్ (Vijay Son Janson Sanjay)
Vijay is the hero behind all the mass following Rajinikanth in Tamil industry, He also has an heir. Now this boy is also a hero. Vijay’s son Sanjay is currently doing an acting course in Canada.
మెగా హీరో సినిమాతో విజయ్ కొడుకు తెరంగేట్రం..
Sanjay was stuck there due to a lockdown. Vijay has been thinking for several days to introduce his successor to the industry. But he is looking for the right story, Sanjay is currently 19 years old. Vijay is looking to introduce his son to the industry soon if he finds a good story.
ఉప్పెన రీమేక్‌తో విజయ్ కొడుకు సంజయ్ అరంగేట్రం (Vijay Son Sanjay in Uppena Remake)
In the meantime, the mega nephew Vaishnav Tej’s hero, Sukumar’s pupil Buchibabu’s story of the surge has been well liked by Vijay. The movie has not been released.

However, the surge that had already been completed was postponed due to corona. The film, due for release on April 2, has been postponed to June. Butchibabu wrote the story of the film in the wake of the Nalgonda defamation killings. The tragedy is rumored to be a love story.

ఉప్పెన రీమేక్‌తో విజయ్ కొడుకు సంజయ్ అరంగేట్రం (Vijay Son Sanjay in Uppena Remake)

The film has not been released yet and is rumored to be a remake of Tamil Nadu. This is where Vaishnav Tej is introduced .. It seems that Vijay son of star hero is making his debut with the film. Vijay Sethupathi, who played the villain in the movie Uppena .. is currently making a masterpiece with Vijay. Sethupathi discus with Vijay about the surge story of the movie sets.
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However, Vijay Sethupathi is reported to be okay with Sanjay Debayu’s film. Vijay Sethupathi is playing the villain role in the movie ‘Uppena’ along with the heroine’s father. Vijay Sethupathi is looking to make the film himself. The Tamil Nadu remake is all over the news about the surge before its release..


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